Monday, October 19, 2009

Boston Planing Mill and Lumber Yard

Boston Lumber Company was a thriving business in Marion since the year 1902. It was a family owned company and in later years was known as the J. N. Boston and Sons Lumber Co.

Many of Marion's business section buildings were built by this respected company and they were awarded contracts for Fohs Hall and Marion's Woman's Club building in 1926 also, the Marion High School in 1936. The also had contracts for other large construction in other counties.

The firm was sold at auction in July 1973 to Darben Developers, Inc. The business didn't continue for too many years after this.

Although a well-known name for many years in Marion and Crittenden County, the Boston family name is gone from Marion now. There are descendants from the Boston family that live in other areas.

The picture above was made in 2006.



Hello Brenda, I read your Boston Planing Mill and Lumber Yard with great interest. Interesting to me from the standpoint that you documented the local structures that were built by the company. You have a wonderful blog! -- Barbara

Forgotten Passages said...

Thank you very much for your nice comments about my Blog. It's always appreciated to know someone enjoys these history articles.