Thursday, September 17, 2009

Amish Country

A trip through Amish county is always a rewarding sight, that is, if you love the peaceful sittings and beautiful county side views that you will see along the way. Take your time as you drive through the area, so that you can take in all that there is to see. The pictures at the right were made on Mt. Zion Cemetery Road, off of S. R. 654 N.

The season's are changing and so are the sights along the way. Corn is being picked and the stalks are put in fodder as only the Amish can do. Horse drawn equipment is being used to cut the hay and get the land ready for winter.

Hundreds of beautiful colorful fall flowers are on display at several of the nurseries and pumpkins and gourds are for sale also.

The Amish started their settlement in Crittenden County in 1977 with thirteen families. Over the years they have grown and many more families are located here today. Many of the homes along the way will have signs out telling the passersby the items that have some sale. Homemade goods and furniture are a few of the items you will see for sale.


villette1 said...

I miss visiting Amish country. I hope to get back there someday when I go home again.

Forgotten Passages said...

We are fortunate to have this area in our county. It's always a treat to drive through this beautiful countryside. I hope you get to come "home" again soon.