Friday, July 17, 2009

Making of Future History

Crayne School Reunion 2009

The Crayne School Reunion Committee met last night and formed the plans for the 2nd Crayne School Reunion. The first-ever Crayne School Reunion was held on Sept. 9, 2006 and was a big success.
Several generations of Crayne school students met at the Crayne Presbyterian Church and exchanged memories, stories, laughter, hugs and friendship.

We hope this one will bring back even more of the Crayne students and another enjoyable, memorable day. Here is the information.

Crayne Reunion Scheduled for August 22
A Crayne School reunion will be held August 22, at the Crayne Presbyterian Church fellowship hall, starting at 2:00 P.M. Anyone who attended school or taught at Crayne and their spouse or guest are invited to attend. Finger foods, desserts and drinks will be served.

  • Old school pictures and other memorabilia are welcome for display. Dig through those old pictures and share them with old friends.

  • Reservations may be made by mailing a check for $7 single, or $14 couple as soon as possible to Betty Hodges, 4770 US Hwy 641, Marion, KY 42064,

  • or Linda Tabor, 5229 US Hwy 641, Marion, KY 42064.

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