Thursday, July 23, 2009

As You Like It Club

From the files of The Crittenden Press, January 7, 1904 comes the interesting report of the "As You Like It" Club Banquet. These early parties and entertainment sound like so much fun. They were very creative in their activities.

The ladies composing the "As You Like It" Club gave a reception in honor of their husbands and a few invited guests at the New Marion Hotel on Dec. 28th, which was indeed elegant and delightful in all its appointments and unanimously rated an occasion long to be remembered on account of the pleasant memories associated with it.

The contests were spirited, and in every case were unique and sparkling with originality. The first was the "Art Gallery" contest, and it was a source of much pleasure to the streams of visitors who thronged it from the time it was thrown open, all eager to win the prizes. Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Jenkins finally were decided winners. The Booby prizes were awarded to Mr. and Mrs. Groves, of Hawesville, Ky.

Next came the choice of partners for supper, which was by a fishing contest, and the "catch" in each case was a pleasant surprise and reminded each Benedict of the days of "Auld Lang Syne" as he tripped out to the Banquet table with some other fellows' girl.

The delicacies of the season and the fruits of all climes were daintily served, while the soft strains of the Italian harp, that sweetest of all instruments, floated out on the air. Mrs. Jenkins had prepared a special list of music for the occasion and it was much appreciated and enjoyed by all present.

Next came the historical contest, which was especially interesting and novel. Mrs. Moore did the honors as hostess, assisted by Miss Leaffa Wilborn. Those present, other than the hostess and her fair assistant were:
Prof. and Mrs. Groves, Hawesville; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Sayre, Congressman and Mrs. James, Mr. and Mrs. Lon Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Rob Haynes, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Jenkins, Misses Lena, Ina and Sallie Woods, Mrs. Perry Maxwell, Mrs. Edgar James, Misses Lizzie and Ruby James, and Miss Nell Walker.

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