Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Whitt Family Cemetery

Crittenden County has many abandoned cemeteries. They were family cemeteries located near their homes. As the families died, moved away and the family land would be sold to others, the cemeteries were left uncared for. I'm sure they are many that have been destroyed by new land owners, but some were left alone, unkept and uncared for.

The Whitt Family Cemetery was one of these. It is located in Frances, Kentucky about ten miles from Marion, on top of a high buff, known as the Whitt Bluff. Evelyn Whitt Cruce, in June of 2000 told me the following history.

Sarah Whitt came to Kentucky from Virginia in a covered wagon and purchased the original Whitt family farm of 365 acres. There were 3 Whitt infants and 1 Yandell infant buried in the Whitt cemetery, and also a Mr. Utterback, that didn't have any place to buried and her father let him be buried in their family cemetery. A white rose bush was planted as his marker.

As you can see by Sarah's tombstone, it is beautifully crafted with intricate design around the Whitt's "W".

Others buried in the cemetery are:

  • Whitt, Sarah, born 11-Apr-1825, died 11-Dec-1899, Mother of G. L. Whitt
  • Whitt, Infant Son, only date 01-Jan-1892
  • Whitt, Infant Daughter, only date 30-July-1896. These were children of G. L. and Elmira Jnae Moore Whitt.
  • Whitt, Lindsay G., born 3-Apr-1886, died 22-Nov-1912
  • Whitt, Paul R., born 8-July-1913, died 21-July 1913, Son of W. I. and Myrtle
  • Whitt, Henry T., born 17-Aug-1883, died 28-July-1919.

This family cemetery is recorded in the Crittenden County Genealogy's book "Crittenden County Cemetery Book, Volume I."


Darlene Roper said...

My grandfather was William B Whitt, Evelyn's brother. I so miss my papaw.

Darlene Roper said...

My grandfather was William B Whitt and my daughter that was born on April 22,1989 Sarah Beth Roper was named after her great great Grandmother. It's sad that the cemetary is uncared for. I wish I lived closer to tend to it.