Saturday, February 14, 2009

Oak Hall School Goes on Hike

This is a cute story about one of our old one room schools. This picture is of the Oak Hall school building made many years ago. As with all of our schools they have been torn down or made into farm storage building.

This article was in The Crittenden Press October 28, 1915. A good time then is much different than what is considered a good time today. O'possum grapes, acorns and polkberries made for an exciting day, where as today it might be a playground full of modern play equipment or watching cartoons on TV or a video game.

Last Friday afternoon, after a week's hard work, our teacher consented to take us grape hunting. We marched four abreast to a neighboring woods where there was reported to be loved of grapes. Some of the boys climbed the tree and proceeded to throw down some o'possum grapes to the clamoring crowd. We all got enough to black our teeth and then went to another tree, which was an oak tree, and of course their were lots of acorns.

The girls began to throw acorns at the boys, which caused an acorn battle, which lasted some minutes. We found to cap off the jubilant manner of the children, a merry-go-round which caused lots of fun and laughter.

We then returned to the schoolhouse Indian file and all reported a nice time. All escaped unharmed except for a few bruises from the acorns. The teacher got the worst end of the acorn battle.

Although we all returned unhurt we didn't look it - for someone happened upon some pokeberries and such smearing of juice on faces no one ever saw before.

Lafey Claghorn certainly was a sight. He kept picking on all the girls and they got their hands full of polkberries and after Miss Eulah had dismissed they caught him, and well, if you could have seen him you'd believe they certainly did smear him.

We all had a nice time and intend to be good so we can go again.

Written by, A Pupil

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