Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Native Sons Return To County

In July 1934 Crittenden County was having an "Old Home Week" for Crittenden County natives that were scattered throughout the land.

From all corners of the United States, they returned to visit friends and relatives that they had not seen for many, many years. Perhaps never before were so many of Crittenden County's sons and daughters back home at one time.

Among the ones that had been away for several years, Hal Dorr heads the list. He left Marion in 1899 and this was his first trip back in 36 years. Mr. Dorr now resides at Los Angeles, Calif. While here he visited Miss Anna Eliza Johnson, Dallas Dunning, Howard Henry, W. O. Tucker and others in Marion and Pate Stewart and Kit Shepherd at Tolu.

While here Mr. Dorr met one of his boyhood neighbors, Massie Champion, who now lives in Oklahoma City, Okla., who was back for the first time in 27 years.

Mr. T. N. Cochran say he remembers very distinctly when the Dorr family moved away, as he was superintendent of the Marion Methodist Sunday School at that time, and the Dorr family with two other families moved away about the same time taking 25 members of the Sunday School that then numbered less than one hundred.

Mr. and Mrs. Lacy Nunn and daughter, of Columbia, La., were here for the first time in seven years. They were visiting Mr. Nunn's relatives here.

Alvie Walker, a resident of New York City, for the past 9 years, visited his mother, Mrs. Sarah Walker At Deanwood.

Ray C. Love and children, of Titusville, Fla., visited Mr. and Mrs. Walter Love for their first return in 14 years.

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