Thursday, September 4, 2008

Marion's Opry House

The Opry House

In the early 1900's Marion was a lively place with it's many stores located near the court square. On the north side of the court house was located the popular Opry House. Here all kinds of shows and activities took place. Let's visit the Opry House in October of 1903 and see what was going on.

Crittenden Press, Oct. 22, 1903
The following account of the ball given at the Marion opera house was written by one of their new press reporters.

It was a gallant array of Knights and Dames that graced the opera house floor on Thursday evening.

The inspiring strains of the well equipped brass band of Madisonville with its twelve pieces made music that could only be likened to the celestial waves.

The opera house under the direction of Manager Will Clifton. It was a magnificent sight to view the wildly circleing, handsomely dressed waltzers. It was indeed a great dance.

Tuxedos and swallow tails was for the night discarded, but we are happy to say every gentleman had a coat on.

Your reporter interviewed several of the contestants and takes pleasure in reproducing their views:
  • Sam Gugenheim "It was simply a peach."
  • Will Clifton "You bet that was a dance."
  • George Roberts "Fine."
  • John Wilson "It closed a little too early."
  • H. H. Sayre "I left at mid-night."
  • Roy Gilbert "Lets have another."
  • Ernest Carnahan "Never had so good a time."
  • Tucker the druggist "It was a great dance."

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