Thursday, August 21, 2008

More History on names in our county

The old Deanwood Store and Post Office. This picture was made in May 2002. The day the Historical Highway Marker was dedicated.

The marker reads: Deanwood Post Office first established in 1873 as Iron Hill Post Office, located 1/2 mile west of present location. First postmaster James W. Woolf. Joseph M. Dean, appointed postmaster in 1874 and again in 1881, relocated post office to building in front of his home. Joseph N. Dean, son of Joseph M. Dean, moved post office into a building on present site; appointed postmaster in 1900.

Continuing with the history of some of our old post office names. From the Crittenden Press dated Oct. 2, 1931.

Deanwood formerly Iron Hill took its name from the Deans, a prominent family of that community. Piney Bluff nearby is so called because of the profusion of beautiful pine trees over the picturesque cliffs and bluffs. Piney Creek gets its name for a smilier reason. Piney Fork Cumberland Presbyterian Church is on a for, of Piney Creek.

When the early settlers first came to the community now known as Shady Grove they found a delightful camping place shaded by beautiful forest trees like an attractive park, hence its name. One of these early settlers, it is said, once claims to have stood in Hopkins County and shot across the corner of Caldwell, killing a deer in Crittenden County on the present site of Shady Grove. Shady Grove is on the water shed between the waters of Piney and Donalson creeks.

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