Saturday, August 2, 2008

Eight Travis Brothers Meet

From The Crittenden Press, April 14, 1922

It was not a prearranged "Travis reunion" but just a chance meeting here on the streets of Marion on County Court day. They just ran up on each other by chance.

The eight brothers who met were Deputy Sheriff Joe Hunter Travis, Lorenzo Dow Travis, Orlando Sylvester Travis, John R. Travis, Dan J. Travis, Ervin Travis, Albert H. Travis and Herman B. Travis.

These brother are the sons of the late James Harvey Travis, are all splendid citizens and all Republicans except Joe Hunter, who is a Democrat.

They all live in this county expect Lorenzo D. of Eldorado, Illinois and Ervin and O. S. who lives in Blackford, Webster County. Their sister, Florence who is Mrs. John Cullen resides in this county.

Four brother and two sisters have passed away.

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