Saturday, April 5, 2008

Forgotten Passages Volume II Now Available

Forgotten Passages Volume II book is back from the printers and ready for sale. The book contains the articles that were in The Crittenden Press from 2006-2007. I've also added new information and lots of pictures that weren't originally in the articles. Some times after an article has been published, I will get calls from people that share more information or new pictures and also help me with corrections that need to be done. I welcome these calls and enjoy hearing from everyone that enjoys the articles, or case may be, want to correct me in something I've written that is in error. As usual, I will have a few typo's scattered throughout the book. I apologize for this.

If you are interested in purchasing a book contact me at 270-965-2082 or or Brenda Underdown, 139 Oak Hill Drive, Marion, KY 42064. The cost of the book is $30.00. If I mail it I will need to add $3.00 for the shipping and handling. I am also planning to be at the Crittenden County Historical Museum located at 124 East Bellville St. on Friday, April 25th, and Saturday April 26th from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM with books for sale.

Thanks to all that have supported me by reading the articles and buying the book.


Jolene said...

I want to thank you for having this blog and the information of Crittenden Co., especially Marion, in the late 1800s. I descend from the Heath's (Ryland). I saw you have BMG Heath 79 listed in 40 oldest people, as well as Robert Heath 76. They were Brother's to William D Heath, from which I descend. William removed to Ballard County abt 1835 and married Eliza Husbands, sister of James Bryson and Lorenzo Dow Husbands of Paducah.

Warmest Regards,


Temecula, CA

Forgotten Passages said...

Thank you for letting me know you enjoyed the items that have been posted about Marion in the late 1800's. This helps me know what people like to read about our county. I will continue to add these local news items from that time period.