Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Community Items from the year 1880

Reading the community items that were published in The Crittenden Press in the 1800's are interesting and informative. You might learn of an ancestor and what they were doing in this time period.

Jan. 7, 1880 from Town and County Items.
  • Mr. W. H. Parmley tells us to inform the public that horse shoeing is his profession, two miles south of Piney Church.
  • Mrs. Mary J. Wilson, sister of our esteemed citizen J. H. Hillyard, died at her home near Bethlehem Church in Caldwell County last week. Mrs. Wlson was sick but a few days previous to death, heart disease, accompanied with a paralytic stroke caused her death.
  • Mr. Wm. Massey and son who left this county three months since in search of green fields and more salubrious climate reached Marion on their return seeking somewhere to rest their weary heads. While absent they learned of the advantages of Crittenden County.
  • Below is given the names of the oldest people of the county, accompanied with their ages as given to the enumorators. The average of those named is a fraction above eighty-four years: Wicket Bell, col. 101 years; Sally Mayes, col, 100; Gavin Duncan, 91, Jacob Koon, 90; J. R. Hodge, 90; Jenny Wyatt, col. 90; John Taber, 87; Geo. Green, 88; Stephen Young, 88; John Fritts, 88; Jane Bruce, 86; Elizabeth Brown, 84; Arthur Clement, col, 84; Jacob Crayne, 83; John H. Robertson, 83; Elizabeth Brasher, 82; Martha Conyers, 82; Phillip Thurmond, 82; John Hunt, 81; Jane A. Pierce, 81; Wm. Ford, 81; James Carrick, 80; Margary Clark, 80; Margary Clark 80; Peter Shoemaker, 80; Anthony Franklin, 80; Patsey Pryor, 80; David Lamb, 80; Martha Rutherford, 80; John Tate Phillips, 80; Wm. Simpson, 80; Ocsar Hughes, col, 80.

Needmore Items - Sept. 15, 1880

Needmore is situated on the Marion and Dycusburg road, five miles from the latter place. In the village there is one store house, one blacksmith shop, a Masonic Lodge with a membership of twenty five. (This village is known as Frances today)

  • There is a good opening here for a dry good and grocery store.
  • Yandell Spar mines, near this place, have stopped operating, but will open up again soon.
  • The tobacco crop of this section is not a good one. Mr. A. B. Wicker has the largest crop.
  • Mr. George Boaz was thrown from his horse the other day, and his collar bone was broken.
  • Mrs. Mag Henson is recovering from a spell of sickness.
  • Mr. Luther Carpenter is very ill with the flux.

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