Monday, March 3, 2008

More Community Visits of the Past

In this visit to the past, from items of The Crittenden Press, we will see what has been happening in the communities of Forest Grove and Blackburn Church. Blackburn Church area is in the far eastern part of the county and Forest Grove in north western section.

February 11, 1949, Mrs. Lola McDowell gathered the news from the Blackburn area. As you read these items, you will notice that families did a lot of visiting 59 years ago.
  • Bro. James Boone filled his appointment here Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.
  • Bobby Hopkins spent Saturday night with Gerald McDowell.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jim McConnell visited last Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gentry and son.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Corley have moved back to the area. They liked us so well they just couldn't stay away.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Harold Alexander and baby of Crayne visited Sunday with Mrs. Esma Alexander, W. P. and Marilyn.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hazzard and son, of Sugar Grove, vivisted with Mr. and Mrs. George Boyd.
  • Bobby Hopkins spent Tuesday nith with Eugene Priest, of Deanwood.
March 11, 1949, Mrs. Stella Hodge submitted the happenings from Forest Grove.

Commencement night for the area grade schools was held at Forest Grove School Friday night, Feb. 18th. The following pupils having successfully passed the eighth grade examination. From Colon School, Robert D. Moore and Gerald Merle Belt. From Oak Hall, Owen Claghorn. From Dam 50, Dennis Glenn Belt and Frankie Truitt. From Hebron, Margaret Shaffer, Tommy Carter, Janet Ann Cook, Jean Fox and Robert Neal Sliger. From Froest Grove, Shirley Ann Gill, Ruth Bond, Donald Hodge, Paul Butler, Elizabeth Stewart and David Flanary.

The teachers of these schools got together and arranged to have a program together at Forest Grove with music by local boys and bits of entertainment from the various school.

Hollis Franklin made a talk to the graduates and to all, which was very much enjoyed. A few patrons from the differnt schools had a few words to say. Superintendent Braxton McDonald presented the diplomas.

It was a bright-eyed bunch of youngsters gathered there to have a little honor done them for work well done. They deserve to have some appreciation shown them.

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