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County News in Nov. 1891

The old Crittenden Presses that are on mirco-film, where I find most of my material for history articles, have such a variety of newsy items. From community items, marriages, and deaths, we can learn about the history and genealogy of our county.
These items are from the Nov. 12, 1891 edition. From the County Court items:
  • G.L. Scott qualified as guardian for Edith Scott.
  • W.H. Mayes qualified as administrator of the estate of Mariah H. Smith, deceased, and qualified as guardian for Nellie and Sallie Smith.
  • J. A. Clark allowed $2.25 for repairing bridge.
  • J.W. Todd qualified as administrator of Lucy Todd, dec'd.
  • The will of A. A. Crider was ordered to record. According to provisions of the will Mrs. Laura Crider qualified as executrix, without bond.
  • E.L. Nunn was appointed curator of the will of Timothy Taylor, dec'd.

The following claims were allowed:

  • R.W. Threlkeld and T. A. Harpending for blasting rock out public road, $14.
  • J.A. Guess, plow and team on road, $6.75.
  • J.B. Carter, plow and team on road, $6.
  • J. B. Carter, plow and team on road, $6.
  • F.J. Imboden, pauper claims, $20.
  • The following road overseers were appointed: Lee L. Burklow, Nelson Dalton.

Marriages licenses have been issued to J. Ambrose Wheeler and Alice Williamson; Elliott Jones and R. A. Davis; M. C. Howard and Laura Robeson; J.C. Shaw and Amanda Holoman; Patrick Woodsides and Ada B. Corley.

The Nov. 26, 1891 Crittenden Press had these items of interest.

  • Mr. Sam W. Paris, a teacher of this county, received notice of his appointment as a railway mail clerk, and orders to report at Louisville at once. He gave up his school and left to begin work in his new office.
  • Rich Edmundson who was arrested in this county for selling liquor without license plead guilty at the Federal court in Paducah and was fine $100 and sent to jail for two months.
  • H.R. Stembridge has a notice posted on the bulletin board at the court house to the effect that his wife has left his home without cause and his consent.

The Reaper, Death.

  • Mr. Isaac Sisco, a venerable old citizen of this county, died at his home a few miles northwest of Marion on Saturday, Nov. 21. Mr. Sisco was one of the old landmarks, an industrious, honest, peaceble citizen; he leaves a large family.
  • Grant Spurr, a young man who lived with his father, Isaac Spurr, east of Marion, died Saturday.

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