Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Montezuma Bridge Over Tradewater

The old one lane Montezuma bridge that connected Crittenden County to Webster County on  Hwy. 120 was quite a structure when it was completed in the mid 1920's.

At that time, people in that eastern end of Crittenden County traveled to Providence probably more often than they did to Marion.  A bridge to replace the old ferry was really looked forward to by the surrounding area.
Here is  photo of a group of local men that help construct the bridge. 

In 1977 this old iron one-lane structure was torn down and a new modern three-span concrete structure 34 feet wide by 220 feet long was built.  

 It would be constructed at the same location, but the roadbed was to be raised high enough to put the bridge above normal flooding of the Tradewater River. 

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