Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Oak Hall Box Supper

In October of 1939, one of our little county schools was getting ready for a fun night at their school.  Probably to help raise some money for items needed at the school.  These were much looked forward to events, and the custom carried on for many years.

The old Oak Hall school.  Located on the old Ford's Ferry Road about six miles from Marion.  

The school was made from pupils from the Forest Grove district and the Heath district.

The schoolhouse was used through the summer months for church and preaching occasionally.  

The school formed a Literary Society and would meet every other Friday night.  The school children with the help of their teacher, gave programs, speeches, debates and recreation.  

An ad to announce the Box Supper to be held.
Don't forget the box supper at Oak  Hall Friday night, Oct. 6th.  Everybody come.  
If your think you are too old come - bring a box and see how young you feel -
 if you think you are too young - come and bring a box and see how "grown up" you feel.

These county schools formed a close social group with their community and everyone knew each other and worked together like a family.  That is why these schools were so important for a community.  

I attended Crayne school in the community of Crayne.  Although a few years later than this advertisement, we still had Box Suppers to raise funds for the school, what fun they were.  

Wonderful times to remember.  Thankful to have these memories.

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