Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hunt Brothers Feed Store

In January 1984, one of Marion's favorite stores was getting ready to close it's doors.  It had to happen sooner or later.  But the closing of Hunt Brothers Feed Store would be a sad day for many friends and customers.

The feed store was always a favorite loafing place for folks with a little time on their hands.  A good game of checkers or just a laugh or two could always be found at Hunt Brothers, and the 35-cent soft drinks were an attraction too.

But time just wouldn't stand still for the feed store.  After nearly 30 years in business at the East Bellville Street location, an era had ended.

The feed store opened its doors for the first time July 1, 1954, as Guess and Hunt, a partnership between Bill Hunt and Homer Guess.

On Jan. 1, the following year, 1955, John A. Hunt bought out Guess and the name became Hunt Brothers.

A few year later, in January of 1959, Arnold 'Shorty" Hunt replaced John A. in the business after John A's health wouldn't allow him to continue to operate the store.

Since then Shorty and Bill became fixtures in the place, and they catered to the needs of even the smallest gardener.  

Over the years, as the feed mills came to town, the large volume feed and seed business dropped off.  Where the store once sold 25 tons of feed per month, recent sales dropped to about one ton per month.  

But the slack was taken up by the paint business which remained good all along.  The store started with a line of Jim Martin paint, and also sold Vanex Color, Inc., paints.  

After 30 years of faithful service to the public, the friends and customers would miss stopping by Hunt Bros., and Bill and Shorty said they would also miss their good customers and friends.

Just one of our old county stores that has left good memories for a lot of people, and good memories of some fine Crittenden County folks.

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