Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Meeting Place For The Birth Of Crittenden County

This old historic home was located on Hwy 641 a couple miles south of Crayne.  It was build about 1815 by James Cruce.  

When Kentucky's General Assembly passed an act creating the county of Crittenden from Livingston Co., at Frankfort, Ky. on January 26, 1842, the act also included a provision for the commission to accept a donation of land upon which to erect public buildings and offices for the new county.

The Justices of the Peace for the new county were Joseph Hughes, Jame Cruce, Robert H. Haynes, Abner Larrowe, Peter Clinton, John D. Gregory, Martin Williams, Robert Hill, Henry R. D. Coleman and Samuel L. Phillips.

These men met with John S. and Nancy Gilliam (the people that at that time owned the land where Marion would soon be located), at James Cruce's home and drew up the deed for the land that was to house the public buildings and offices of the newly formed Crittenden County.

Many years later in the 1940's, the well-known and well-respected Dr. O. C. Cook and his family lived in this home.  That is the Cook family in front of the house.  

The old home was torn down in 1948 and a new ranch-style home was built for Mr. Allie Myers.  It was located at 5143 Hwy. 641.  The house is still there today, although it has been re-styled and updated to look more modern.

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