Monday, June 1, 2015

North Main Street Homes

On North Main Street in Marion are some beautiful older homes.  The W. O. Tucker home was built in 1921.  

Here is a picture of the home with the Tucker family on the steps of their newly built home in 1921.
Back row: W. O. "Tuck" Tucker, Mrs. C. S. Nunn, Mrs. George Eady, Mrs. T. J. Nunn, Mrs. W. O. Tucker.
Front row:  seated, John Nunn, Mrs. Miles Flanary, Virginia Flanary, Thomas N. Tucker, C. S. Nunn, George Eady and the Tucker's dog, "Puppy."

From the Crittenden Press in March 1921:
Plans have been prepared by M. V. Arnold, Engineer for a new residence for W. O. Tucker.  This new home is to be erected on the corner lot.

The new building will be of the semi-bungalow style and will contain a living room, library, dining room, kitchen, breakfast room, pantry, four bed rooms, bath and sleeping porch.  The house will have all the modern improvements and conveniences including both plumbing and heating systems.

Mr. Tucker, for whom the house is to be built is one of the firm Foster & Tucker.

Work will be started in the early  months of this spring on the new residence.  When completed it will be one of the most beautiful and complete dwellings in our city.

The home is still beautiful and well-cared for today.  I believe a family by the name of Armstrong lives there today.

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