Monday, November 10, 2014

Honoring Our Veterans

The Veteran's Memorial that is located on the Courthouse square was dedicated in a special ceremony on Nov. 11, 1984.  It was sponsored by the local American Legion Post No. 111.

The marker, a black granite slab, was dedicated to the memory of all Crittenden County veterans who have died in wars this century.

Artwork, commemorating 
all five branches of the U. S. armed forces - Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard are engraved on the front of the marker.

On the date of the dedication, post members B. C. McNeely and Paul Sullenger removed a flag which had been draped over the marker prior to the ceremony.  Jimmy Watson lit five candles commemorating the efforts of the five branches of the American military.

Located close by the American Legion monument is a marble bench dedicated to Marion's National Guard unit.

Engraved on it "Defending Our Freedom" Co B 2nd Battalion 23rd Armor Kentucky Army National Guard" Marion, Ky.

The present day American Legion Post always has a meaningful Veteran's Day Program, but the Celebration's of yesteryear were very different.  Here is one that was in the Crittenden Press for Nov. 11, 1957.
Fohs Hall was the scene for a very colorful and interesting Veteran's Day assembly presented by the Marion American Legion Post.

After the student body and guests were seated, an honor guard, consisting of William Duke Taylor, J. R. Tharp, Wendell Travis and Guy Sullenger, presented the colors.  The Marion High School band played the National Anthem and then the pledge to the flag was given by all.  

Mr. William Allen, Judge advocate of the state, gave a stirring talk of wars starting with earlier ones and working up to the Korean conflict, and told the meaning of our Flag and what Veteran's Day will mean in years to come.

The band kept the theme of the day by offering their rendition of two patriotic numbers.

An American flag was presented to Mrs. Reba Gilliland, principal of Marion Grade School.  

To add to the celebration, the band marched from Fohs Hall to Main St., down Main to Carlisle, down Carlisle to the high school, playing the individual songs for each branch of the service.

Let us never forgot our brave soldiers and veterans and what they gave for us to have the freedoms we enjoy today. 

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