Monday, October 7, 2013

Granville Franklin Clement, Early Crittenden County Settler

Granville Franklin Clement was born in 1808 in Virginia.  He was the eldest son of Isam and Sarah Rudd Clement.

In 1818, Granville's family migrated from Charlotte Co. Virginia, to western Kentucky to what was then Livingston County.  (Became Crittenden County in Jan. 1842)

Granville married Margaret Saline Phillips, in July 1833.  Shortly after their marriage, Granville and Margaret built their home on land which they purchased from her grandfather, Samuel Lofton.

This land was in the eastern part of the county, on what is today Hwy. 120.

The Grandville F. Clement home, was later known as the Earl Hurst homeplace, was located on Hwy. 120, approximately seven miles from Marion.

It was last occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Hurst and their family.  This was very fitting, for Mrs. Hurst was the great-granddaugher of Granville.

The home was a beautiful two-story home with large stone chimney's on each end.  Two beautiful front proches graced the front of the old plantation style home.

It was admired by all that drove by.  The house had stood gracefully for almost two hundred years.  It was known as one of the earliest and most beautiful old pioneer homes in the county.

The house had been vacant for several year in the early 1990's, and on a night in July 1992 it was destroyed by fire.

The cause was never known, but it was thought to be arson, probably amusement for someone to see it burn.  Vandalism of this kind has been known to happen many times in Crittenden County.  But another piece of our early history was lost, and the area where the house used to set is vacant and a sad sight to see, knowing the history of the once beautiful old home that sat there.

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