Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Visit To Down Town Tolu in 1891

Tolu - one of Crittenden County early prosperous little communities.  From a Crittenden Press article written in March 1891.  It was a busy and growing town with many businesses on Main street with everything the people would need.  Now only home to a few residents, many who were born and raise here and love their town.

The topography of the town plot consists of gentle undulations, sloping gradually back from the Ohio River, without any bluff or abrupt ascent, and presents hundreds of beautiful building lots, on which we hope will soon stand lovely homes and residences. 

 It is 75 miles from Evansville, Ind, and 60 miles from Paducah, Ky., and is easily reached from the east, west and north by way of the Ohio River. 

When you reach Tolu, coming up Main Street you will find an elegant two-story schoolhouse, which is an honor to the town.  Farther on down you will find the new dry goods firm of Minner & Clark who are nice clever men, and always ready to show you their goods and ask you to call again.

 In the same house is the Tolu Hotel Kept by Dr. Carty with his tables bountifully supplied with good food.

On down the street farther we come to the new hardward store kept by Crider & Company in one of the best houses in the county.  It is a large frame structure, with a solid glass front and brick pavement, which is a benefit to one and all.  At the rear of this is a ware house 20x60 ft. filled with all the latest improved machinery, plows, etc.

An ad for the new Crider & Company Hardware Store - dated 1891

T. M. Moore, the druggist, who is very polite, and ready to mix your medicine either to cure you or to make you ready for the undertaker.

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