Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pickens Spring

Crittenden County has many natural springs located around the area.  At one time in our history these springs were popular and many used as gathering places for picnics and camp sites.

An article written in The Crittenden Press, dated  March 1929 tells about one of the springs and how important it was to the people of the area.

Since long before the dawn of civilization on this continent the Pickens Spring, from a beautiful wooded hillside of limestone, has continuously poured forth its clear cold crystal water.  

The noble red men of the forest, the savage beast of the caves, the fleet footed animals of the hills and valleys and the beautiful and strange birds of the wild wood, in ages of the past, have come to it and imbibed of its treasure and gone away, contented, their burning thirst relieved.

In the day of the slow plodding ox, in teams of two, four or six, they would pass this way, dad after day.  In the hot summertime you would see them increase their gait as they heard the flowing water.  Now they could drink, drink and drink until you would think they would never cease drinking.  

Later came the wonderful automobile of a swiftness that would have been unbelievable in former times.  However, this marvelous machine, also, was often glad to each this refreshing water and cool its throbbing engine.

This place was formerly called "Asher Spring" and is six miles east of Marion.  It was (and is) located just a little ways north at the crossroads of Hwy. 120 and S.R. 654 N.   This road in the early days of the county was the Flynn's Ferry Rd.  the main route for pioneers going North and I'm sure a much looked forward to location for resting and enjoying the cool spring water before they continued their journey.

The picture above was made in June 1995.  As you can see hundreds of years later the picture remained as the article described, pouring forth the cool crystal water from a natural limestone hillside.  I hope the scene is still the same today. 

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