Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Historical Museum Opening

Our Crittenden County Historical Museum will be opening for the season tomorrow, Wednesday, April 4th. Time: 10:00 -3:00, Wed.-Sat.  Free Admission.

The Museum is a wonderful place to visit and take a walk back in time to many periods of our past history.  Things you may have forgotten about but will bring back memories of yesteryear when you see the items on display. 

 The building in its self is a piece of our local history, for it is the oldest church building in the county, being constructed in 1881.  The beautiful stained-glass windows are original to the building.

One of the simple items that brings back memories of a different time are the colorful hand-held fans that were a must have for churches and funeral homes. 

 Pictured at the right are a few of these old fans on display to see at the Museum.  Years ago they were used as as advertisement for many businesses located  in Marion. The name of the business, address and phone number would be on the back of the fan.  The fans were placed on the pews easily accessible for people to use.

The Museum has been fortunate that some of these fans were saved and preserved and are now available for people to see.


Frankly said...

Brenda are you sure all of the stained glass windows are original to the building? I thought three of the more pictorial windows were moved from the Presbyterian USA church that used to stand on the corner of Depot St and Main St when it was demolished to become a used car lot. Those windows were donated by the Postleweights I believe.

Forgotten Passages said...

We were told that these were original to the church. There isn't anything in the written history of the church building that says the windows were donated later. Even the last members of the church didn't tell us anything different. I did know that some windows from the the other church were donated, and one of them is in the Museum now. Interesting, I'll try and do some more checking. Thank you for your comment.