Tuesday, August 24, 2010

White's Chapel Church & Cemetery

Crittenden County has many, many, small country churches within it's boundaries.  Some have a history that has followed them through the years and others we only know them by their names and not hardly any history on their organization at all.  One of these churches is the White's Chapel.  It is located on State Road 297 in the area that is known as the Irma neighborhood. 

A little history about the church was gathered some years ago and it said that the Methodists first established the church and when they abandoned it the Church of Christ took it over.  Today it belongs to the cemetery association and it's available for funerals or other functions connected to caring for the cemetery.  

The building in recent years has been renovated with new siding and a new roof, also storm doors and a handicapped ramp.  It is now surrounded by the White's Chapel Cemetery.  Long ago the cemetery was only on the left side of the church, but today the burials have grown and the back and right side grounds have many tomb stones.  

To raise money for the upkeep of the cemetery, the association has sold white vinyl fence panels to families of those buried there or anyone that would like to purchase one to help the cemetery.  The panel that you purchase has a small gold plaque on it to identify who bought that section.  The cemetery is now almost surrounded by this white fence. You can see part of the fence is the picture above. Picture was made May 8, 2010.

Many people buried in this cemetery are from the Tolu and surrounding area. You can tell the families of those buried here care for their loved ones and the White's Chapel building and cemetery.

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