Sunday, December 14, 2008

On The Road with the Press Scribe

Deanwood Historical Marker and the old Deanwood General Store. This store is the only store mentioned in this article that is still in any kind of good condition today. Carlos Travis who owns this property, has a love for the history of the area, and has preserved the store as you see it in the picture.

This article was written in April 1915 by an agent for the Crittenden Press. They would go out traveling over the county side gathering subscriptions for the paper. This is Mr. John B. McNeely's report of one of his trips. These articles make for interesting reading as they tell of the little communities in our county that were then - a busy place.

Our representative J. B. McNeely makes a trip by the way of Starr, Shady Grove, Deanwood and Tribune. Starr is a country store near old Piney Camp ground. J. S. Crayne is the merchant in charge and is doing a good business in general merchandise.

Shady Grove is one of the business centers situated in the eastern part of Crittenden County, near Caldwell, Hopkins and Webster Counties, and is surrounded by a good farming county.

There are two churches, Baptist and Methodist. The sign "Hotel" hangs out at the front gate of Mrs. Josie Towery's and if you choose to walk in and take dinner, you can get a square meal. Across the street from the hotel is Mrs. Birchfield with a fine stock of Millinery goods for the ladies, all new and up to date.

At the corner of main street is the large general merchandise store of Dennie Hubbard. Mr. Hubbard, from all appearance has a large trade and is doing a good business. He is also one of the stock holders in the Shady Grove milling Co., that is doing custom business, and shipping mill stuff to other points.

On main street is the general merchandise store of W. D. Tudor. Mr. Tudor commands a large trade and is doing a fine business.

Then as you pass around you will be sure to meet E. Taylor McConnell. He is the news boy and wants to sell you a paper.

All in all Shady Grove is a pretty little town, the merchants say they have a good trade. It has a blacksmith shop, with Mr. Lamb at the forge. Dr. McConnell, attends the sick, and Mr. Lamb will give you a clean shave.

Our next stop was at Deanwood, this is a country store and post office, J. N. Dean is the merchant and post master. He has a fine trade in merchandise and produce, and is another post master who take the Press. Take notice: Deanwood is the new name for Iron Hill.

Tribune, here you will find W. M. Towery. He runs a store, grist mill and blacksmith shop and commands a good trade in all these lines.

All the merchants we have named in this article do business with us. They are all polite and courteous and will treat you right.

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